How to install Veeam Agent in SELS system witch is install base on efi boot ( secure boot )

1.> download the latest version of Veeam agent from

2.> copy that in server and go to terminal.

# zypper in veeam.x.x.x(version)

# zypper in  veeamsnap-ueficert 

# modprobe -vvv veeamsnap

# rpm -qa | grep veeam

reboot the system and follow the instruction as below.

Step :- 1 press any key

Step :- 2 select "Enroll MOK" and press enter

Step :- 3 select "View Key 0" press enter

Step :- 4 select continue and press enter

Step :- 5 select "yes" press enter

Step :- 6 enter root user password and press enter.

note :- you can't see any typing there.

Step :- 7 reboot