How to connect SonicWALL SSLVPN from windows 10 OS.

1.> go to Microsoft Store in Start Manu.

2.> Search SonicWALL Mobile Connect and click on get to installed.

3.> After Installation is done, please open it and click on manage.  4.> you can get redirect to VPN Settings, click on "Add a VPN Connection"

5.> select the SonicWall Mobile Connect, and provide below details.

1.> Connection Name :- Your Identifier Name

2.> Server Name or Address :- Static IP or Domain Name

3.> click on Save

6.> Go to SonicWall Mobile Connect and click on VPN to change off to on.

7.> Go to VPN settings and click connect.

8.> you can see that the VPN is connected.

9.> you can see the status in SonicWall Mobile Connect.