How are touch screens supported in RX-RDP, RX420(RDP) and RX300?

Please refer to RX-RDP, RX420(RDP), RX300 and LEAF OS user configuration guide for additional details: please find the attached document.

Although the touchscreen displays (which also includes multitouch screens and interactive whiteboards/smartboards) are usually Human Interface Devices (HID devices) there is no general Native selection for the whole Human Interface Devices class.

We've added support for smart boards (interactive whiteboards) and multi-touch screens (up to 10-point multi-touch) in  vSpace Pro Enterprise Edition via the RX300, expanding collaborative possibilities to use cases such as kiosks and live demonstrations.

This is because HID is a very wide class and developing an universal native redirection method covering all HID devices is technically impossible. For that reason a dedicated check-box has been added for controlling the native redirection of the (multi)touch screen monitors. This check-box must be selected to enable native redirection of touchscreens. This method works with both supported protocols: UXP (vSpace Client mode, VERDE VDI Client mode) and RDP (RDP Client mode, VERDE VDI Client mode).