You are receiving this email as some of your customers are utilizing the Sophos Authentication for Thin Clients (SATC) feature on XG Firewall. If they use Mozilla Firefox as their default browser, there is no action required.

Version 84 of Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers are expected to be released on July 14, 2020, which removes a feature required to ensure compatibility with SATC. This will prevent SATC and XG Firewall authentication from correctly identifying the user associated with web browsing traffic from Chrome, resulting in incorrect policies and web traffic reporting.

Who is affected:

This affects all XG Firewall customers using SATC on thin-client deployments running multi-user Windows services such as Windows Remote Desktop or Terminal Services utilizing Chrome or Chromium-based browsers.

Recommended Action:

⦁    Use Mozilla Firefox, Which Continues to be fully compatible with SATC.

⦁    Prevent Google Chrome From updating by disabling automatic updating.

⦁    If using the new Microsoft Edge browser, prevent that from automatic updating. The original Microsoft Edge is not     affected by this issue.

For more information and links to guidance on how to manage different browsers, please consult this Sophos knowledge-base article:

Sophos is working towards a new approach to authentication on multi-user Windows systems that will be compatible with future versions of Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers. We will provide updates on the timeline as they become available. 

Best regards,

Your ITCG Support Team

(Niranjan Prajapati)